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Atlantic Great Dane values the privacy of visitors to this website and utilizes no software or program to compromise that privacy.

Cookies: To preserve the privacy of visitors, this website does not utilize cookies to track visits or to attempt to gather any personal information of any kind. A temporary cookie is assigned to authorized clients only for authentication.

Our Email Contact Forms require certain input data to insure authenticity and to facilitate replies. Email addresses remain with us and are not shared with or sold to any organization, person or other entity.

Atlantic Great Dane does not condone or knowingly participate in the sending of unsolicited emails (SPAM) and takes steps to prevent any SPAM from being sent using this server’s resources or programs.

Probes / Suspicious Server Requests: This website does utilize software to recognize visitors – human or non-human – who’s intent is suspicious or potentially hostile in nature. This is deemed necessary to prevent any compromise of server security or resources.

All suspicious requests and probes are recorded and reviewed. Any potentially hostile probe will result in the banning of the originating IP address from any access to this server.

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