Alpine Truck Body

A new generation of cold and efficient

Alpine customers receive the highest level of thermal efficiency in the industry thanks to the void-free panel foaming technology of the body and strict quality control that goes into every Alpine truck body. The Alpine incorporates industry-leading refrigerated trailer and truck body technology from Great Dane. The body construction allows for quick replacements of entire walls or roofs with the same durability and thermal consistency in the event of major impact damage.

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Sahara Truck Body

Tough, Innovative & Efficient

When it comes to purchasing the best truck body for dry freight applications, including last-mile home deliveries, business-to-business, furniture, rental and leasing and more, Great Dane’s Sahara truck body is the solution. Available in composite plate or aluminum, these truck bodies incorporate the best of Great Dane’s proven trailer technology and plate construction techniques. They are safe and efficient and offer the high quality and flexibility that delivery businesses demand.

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